Project development and asset management as well as crisis prevention and management for real estate companies
  • VIVAREAL has many years of real estate management and project development expertise.
  • Management of project developments and real estate in all performance phases, taking into account social and ecological standards.
  • Real Estate Manager for private and institutional investors.
  • Partner of real estate companies for projects and properties before, during and in the crisis.
  • Creation of added value through sustainable repositioning, re-development and new conception.
Project Management
  • Develop a coherent concept for the project, including use type, size, design and architecture.

  • Ensuring the overall financing of the project by acquiring/negotiating with investors and banks.

  • Monitoring project progress, coordinating the construction phase and adhering to schedules and budgets.
Real Estate Management
  • Management of properties that have become the property of banks, investors or other financial partners due to defaults, bankruptcies, legal disputes or other economic challenges.

  • Management and optimization to realize maximum value for the parties involved.

  • Potential measures include extensive renovations, repositioning on the market and disposal.

  • Advising companies or projects before or during insolvency proceedings.

  • Advising companies on restructuring by creating a restructuring strategy that sustainably optimizes the company.

  • Taking over negotiations with staff representatives, banks, creditors and supervisory authorities.

  • Supporting companies in crisis and conflict management.

Further services
  • Due Diligence: A thorough analysis and elaboration of real estate opportunities/risks and potential of the individual project plans

  • Strategy development: The development of a project-tailored exploitation strategy, taking into account the market situation and the business purpose

  • Risk management: Distressed assets pose increased risks. Effective risk management is crucial to minimizing or managing unexpected problems.

  • Operational training: Taking over the management and the associated social restructuring measures

  • Network: Access to a broad network of banks and potential co-investors (family offices, institutional investors, etc.)

  • Experience: In-depth knowledge of project development in every phase of performance
Track Record

Company Group

Together we offer holistic solutions for real estate entrepreneurs and financiers in a challenging market environment.

EARLYREAL participates in investments directly related to real estate in all asset classes. Additional equity capital can be made available or projects can be taken over in their entirety. In addition, preferred equity can also be provided via family offices, wealthy private investors or institutional investors.
VIVAREAL Debt Solutions GmbH offers comprehensive support for non-performing, real estate-secured loans (NPLs). Both banks and alternative bank investors are advised. Advice and structuring of commercial financing is provided for real estate companies.
VIVAREAL Management agiert als Service-Developer auf dem deutschen Immobilien­markt für sämtliche Asset-Klassen. Das Unternehmen bietet Dienst­leistungen im Bereich der Projekt­begleitung, Strategie­entwicklung und des Risiko­managements von “Distressed-Assets” durch operative Einbindung, wie z.B. Übernahme der Geschäfts­führung.

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